Eyeglasses Specialist

Dr K's 20/20 Vision Center

Daniel Kosterman, OD

Optometrist located in Eagle River, AK

When you wear glasses, you want to not only improve your vision, you also want to be comfortable with how they look. At Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center, located in Eagle River, Alaska, the team provides you with a vast variety of eyeglass designs and features to ensure that you get what you want and need. Call optometrist Daniel Kosterman, OD, today to schedule your appointment, or go online to book.

Eyeglasses Q&A

How do eyeglasses work?

Most vision problems happen when the shape of your eye prevents light from focusing directly on the retina. The lenses in glasses work by acting as prisms, causing light to bend and refocus appropriately.

Who needs glasses?

Practically anyone who suffers from refractive vision issues can benefit from wearing glasses. Three of the most common issues that people use eyeglasses to resolve are:

  • Nearsightedness: When you can see objects up close, but not as well when they’re farther away

  • Farsightedness: When you can see objects more clearly when they’re farther away than when they’re up close
  • Astigmatism: When your cornea has an uneven shape, light bends in different directions, distorting what you see and making images blurry

Special eyeglass lenses can even address multiple issues at once, improving all-around vision. Vision often deteriorates over time, so it’s important that you receive annual eye exams and determine what eyeglass prescription is best for you.

What kinds of eyeglasses are offered?

At Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center, a full range of eyeglasses is available to meet all your vision needs. Dr. K has a wide selection of high-quality brand name frames, including favorites like Steve MaddenⓇ, Eddie BauerⓇ, and GuessⓇ.

If you need bifocals or progressive lenses, Dr. K can help you find the right fit and prescription. He also has transition lenses, which automatically darken as you move from indoors into sunlight, and prescription sunglasses, including those made by OakleyⓇ.

For athletes and weekend warriors, Dr. K can prescribe prescription recreation glasses, which help protect your eyes and face from injuries. He also offers Post 4 shooting glasses.

To find out what glasses can do for your vision, call Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center today to schedule your initial consultation, or go online to book.



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