Pediatric Eye Care Specialist

Dr K's 20/20 Vision Center

Daniel Kosterman, OD

Optometrist located in Eagle River, AK

Nearly 80% of learning happens through vision. That’s why optometrist Daniel Kosterman, OD specializes in pediatric eye care and uses functional testing to detect learning-related vision problems in children. At Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center, located in Eagle River, Alaska, Dr. K does everything he can to protect your child’s vision and prevent eye diseases. To schedule your child’s eye exam, call Dr. K’s office or go online to book your initial consultation.

Pediatric Eye Care Q&A

What happens during a pediatric eye care appointment?

When you bring your child to Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center, Dr. K and his team make sure they have a pleasant experience. If your child is old enough, Dr. K will use an eye chart to test his vision. If your child is younger and doesn’t yet know their letters, the doctor will use an eye chart with easily recognizable shapes.

Dr. K also examines the inside of your child’s eye. He performs functional testing to screen for different eye conditions and diseases.

As part of his commitment to Eagle River’s youth, Dr. K ensures that every child who comes to Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center not only receives a comprehensive exam, but also gets a free toy, a free pair of sunglasses, and specific eye exercises to improve any detected visual weakness.

When should a child have his or her first eye appointment?

Be sure to have your child’s vision checked by an optometrist before he or she enters school, or sooner if he or she displays any vision abnormalities. Although pediatricians and school nurses routinely perform certain screening tests, they usually don’t address the functional vision problems that can affect learning.

Warning signs include:

  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Excessive blinking
  • Issues with maintaining eye contact
  • Failure to fixate while looking at things
  • Poor eye tracking

What are learning-related vision problems?

Learning-related vision problems result when your child has difficulty learning because of issues with their vision. These conditions often take one of three forms:

  • Eye health and refractive problems: These occur when light doesn’t refract correctly on the retina, leading to nearsightedness or farsightedness

  • Functional vision problems: These happen when eye functions and their neurological processes malfunction, resulting in issues with eye focus, teaming, and fine eye movements
  • Perceptual vision problems: These occur when a breakdown in communication between the eye and the brain hinders perception, causing errors with identification, understanding, and judgment of what’s being seen

If your child needs an eye exam, call Dr. K’s 20/20 Vision Center today to schedule an appointment, or book your consultation online.



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